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Smokehouse "Oh That's Hot" Brisket Jerky

Smokehouse "Oh That's Hot" Brisket Jerky

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“Oh, That's Hot” Cayenne Pepper Brisket Beef Jerky 

You love heat but tend to lean towards the shallower end of the scale? Then we have some smoking hot, cayenne pepper seasoned beef jerky waiting for you.

People who love the heat will love this spiced up jerky. It has a sweet, smoky, juicy and spicy taste that is “oh so hot” – its heat kicks in later after your first bite, giving it waves of flavor that will captivate your taste for spicy treats.

The jerky’s spicy take also packs a secret – cayenne peppers can stimulate your body’s circulation, reduce acidity and more. It’s a snack that’s tasty and healthy at the same time.


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