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Righteous Felon Teriyaki Balboa Beef Jerky

Righteous Felon Teriyaki Balboa Beef Jerky

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"It started as ""El Jefe's Last Stand."" A limited edition R&D Jerky in honor of our CEO celebrating his nuptials. That's right. Brendan would lose his bachelor status, and his wife-to-be would soon lose her sanity.

As Brendan and his bride left the chapel for their honeymoon at the slaughterhouse, in a 1979 Dodge Station Wagon with tin cans rattling behind the bumper, the consensus was clear: every guest at the wedding LOVED Righteous Felon's trip into Teriyaki. Even the bridemaids who decapitated each other over the bouquet toss made peace--this was one special jerky.

After some minor tweaks to the recipe, ""Teriyaki Balboa"" was born. A haymaker of flavor, Teriyaki Balboa is the king of the jerky ring. With a left hook of pepper and a body-jab of tamari sauce, this prize fighter won’t ever throw the match, no matter how high the bribe. When it comes to this sesame infused, heavyweight jerky, the gloves are off and the championship belt is on, with an umami uppercut to win the day. Teriyaki Balboa: this palette-punching protein pack has the competition on the ropes. "

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