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C3 Cosmic Capsaicin Challenge

C3 Cosmic Capsaicin Challenge

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C3 Cosmic Capsaicin Challenge is an explosion of mixed sensations. The initial burst of fruity sweetness from the Skrittles is your launch pad, propelling you towards the incendiary heat of the 7-Pot Primo pepper. This super hot pepper, renowned for its blistering intensity, infuses our Skrittles with a heat that builds like a supernova, creating a taste experience that's as exhilarating as it is delicious.

But the 7-Pot Primo is not just about the heat. It's also known for its fruity flavor, which adds a unique depth to the Skrittles, making each piece a complex harmony of sweet, tangy, and relentless heat.

This is a journey of taste, a thrill ride for your palate, and a testament to the toughness of your taste buds.


You have 2 minutes to consume contents of 1 tub then 2 minutes burn time before proceeding to the next tub. After all 4 tubs are finished you get to suffer for 5 minutes to complete the burn cycle. Cheers!! 

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