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Box o' Sh*t

Box o' Sh*t

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4 Great Sh*t Seasonings in One Perfect Box - By Big Cock Ranch

These four seasonings are the Four Pillars of Culinary Greatness; no meat-lover’s kitchen is complete without them! This gift pack includes Special Shit, Bull Shit, Aw Shit and Good Shit.

Achieving the perfect flavor in any dish is all about the seasoning - and for meat, chicken, pork and seafood there's no better option than these four choices! You can even kick up your popcorn and potatoes with these amazing sh*ts! With Special Shit, Bull Shit, Aw Shit, and Good Shit, you'll have maximum flavor with each bite. These four seasonings are must-haves for any kitchen that values great taste. Each one brings its own unique blend of herbs and spices; combine them to create an incomparable BBQ taste sensation! The perfect gift for the BBQ enthusiast, meat-lovers... this gift pack will bring out the best in your BBQ recipes every time.

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