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Bee Sting Honey & Habanero Pepper Sauce

Bee Sting Honey & Habanero Pepper Sauce

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Bee Sting Brand, It's A Real Buzz! CAUTION: This bee stings without warning. Sweet and Hot. This is an Asian-Thai influenced, pan-cultural sweet-hot pepper sauce with a hint of garlic, onion, and lemon. You've heard of the infamous Africanized Killer Bees v we've turned the tables on these prolific honey producers, which are actually the predominant bee species in the rainforests of Costa Rica, by tapping into their golden harvest to produce BeeSting Honey N' Habanero Pepper Sauce. Like honey to a bee, this sweet-hot concoction is a soothing, satisfying complement to your favorite dishes. Bee Sting Honey N' Habanero is excelent with rice dishes, curries, chicken, shrimp and steak, with vegetabels and tofu or anywhere you want a bit of Asian-style excitement. No artificial colors or flavors. Also great for grilling, marinades & glazes. And as a splashing & dipping sauce. Caution: This bee stings without warning. 

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 50,000 - 250,000

From tropical Costa Rica.

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