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BBQ Sh*t Kit

BBQ Sh*t Kit

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Introducing the BBQ Shit Kit - the ultimate pairing for a delicious BBQ meal! Special Shit rub and BBQ Shit sauce are the perfect combo, offering robust flavors that can't be duplicated. Don't take our word for it - try this unbeatable combination and taste the real meaning of life! Start your journey with one bottle of Special Shit and one bottle of BBQ Shit - you won't regret it.

BBQ Shit Sauce

We Shit You Not, You’re Gonna Love This Sauce! 

BBQ Shit is specially designed to bring the fun back to grilling and smoking. With a combination of secret spices proven in the famous Shit family of dry rubs, BBQ Shit brings you a whole new way to enjoy the patented tongue-tingling goodness. Slather some of this unique sauce on all of your favorite meats, and you’ll wonder why we didn’t come up with it sooner. Make no mistake, this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, grocery store BBQ sauce.

Special Shit:

Special Shit All Purpose Seasoning is a savory addition to any food! Made from a combination of flavorful spices that are delicately blended to produce a gourmet seasoning unlike any other, Special Shit is guaranteed to send your taste buds reeling! For a real BBQ treat, fire up your grill and use our secret spice blend for grilling and barbeque. You’ll have delectable steaks, chicken, seafood, pork, potatoes, and veggies! Just add Special Shit and you’ll land rave reviews!

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