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Country Archer Mini Teriyaki Beef Sticks

Country Archer Mini Teriyaki Beef Sticks

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If luaus have taught us anything it’s that pineapple and pork are really good together. Our Teriyaki Style Pork Sticks deliciously combine sweet pineapple and all-natural pork for a satisfying, portable snack free of artificial junk. Now, our Teriyaki Style Pork Mini Sticks scale things down even more. Why, you ask? Oh, let us count the reasons. First, these mini meat sticks are the perfect size for when you just need a little protein-packed boost to make it through the day. Second, they’re the ideal kid-sized snack for mini meat lovers. Third, when you go mini, you get a whole package of portable pineapple pork. So you see, the choice to go mini was really a no-brainer. Now, who’s hungry for some mini synergy?

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